This is my personal site.

I use this website to post useful stuffs for you, guys.

If you want to ask a question or greet me, feel free to contact me.

Here is my email address.

whirlpool [at] blinkenshell [dot] org

Here is my gpg key details for encrypted messaging.

pub   4096R/D21D8761 2014-06-27 [expires: 2019-06-26]
Key fingerprint = 6D83 56C1 7AB9 1080 8901  F58A EC82 39AA D21D 8761
uid The Fuzzy Whirlpool Thunderstorm (My new 4096bit RSA key)

The preferred format for PGP encrypted messages is PGP/MIME, although you may use inline PGP if your mail client doesn't support PGP/MIME.

You can find me as fuzzywhirlpool on irc #blinkenshell at ( -ssl).

Feel free to greet me at irc or send me a mail if you have some spare time.